Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Catless house is a Soulless House

I couldn't help thinking about this quote, by Patrick Moore, which I posted in an earlier blog.  I thought, what does my particular cat situation say about my home's collective soul?

1. First I have three cats - do I have three souls - two to sell and one to keep :)

2. All of the cats are black - enough said.

3. Two of the cats are from the same litter, which I suspect was feral. So can I say that 2/3s of my house is powered by a wild and wanton soul!!!

Hunter feigning piety

4. The third cat is the smallest and I have to say the meanest, although he has the most angelic eyes. Add to that gypsy soul, an element of clever con artist and I have to wonder should I even bother to lock the doors - the enemy is within.

5. They converse at night - troubled souls have difficulty sleeping.

6. They are birders, capturing the souls of higher beings, perhaps.

Chloe conjuring

7. I know that they appear and disappear silently like poltergeist. Strangers in the home find it eerie, especially those who don't realize that there are three different cats and not just one cat appearing simultaneously in several different rooms.

8. If women are from Venus and men from Mars, cats must be from another galaxy altogether.  I often wonder if they aren't alien "plants," spiriting information to the next creatures who will inhabit the Earth.

9. My daughter is away at Teachers' College and her temporary home is inhabited by two cats - Waldo - named so because they could never find him and Mufasa because he is a cat of star status!!  Her home has two souls and three occupants - an interesting division.

10. Cats are "familiars" and muses.  Can we say that the more cats you have the more creative you are? I once knew an industrial psychologist who had 9 cats.  She drove a Jag with the licence plate "We Purr." She may have been both creative and rich at the same time :)

Zack the "eariest" (eeriest) :)

The pictures are of my souls - they don't like to be photographed.  They are better at haunting and hunting.

Have an inspired day.

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  1. Love your cats--one looks like my dearly departed Nixie...daughter of the night. I am catless, and perhaps soulless at the moment, but I'm going to stick it out and see how it goes. Thanks for sharing.