Sunday, January 13, 2013

6 Blog Ideas

I just had a few ideas for blog topics, based on some blogs that I have read lately.  I thought, if I posted them here

a. I would remember them.
b. anyone could use them.

1. One blog I read recently did 5 Questions Friday. It seems that every Friday, the blogger posed 5 questions to her readers.  She answered them and then readers answered them.  It was fun. Here's the link.

2. I loved TOSK's post on ring tones. Maybe a list of calls at crazy times or crazy calls anytime. Or even a description of one interesting call.

3. A comment on ring tone choices - i.e. what is yours and why.

4. A description of odd or unique places in your area - shops, sculptures, people etc.

5. A blog about one obscure fact that you know and maybe no one else does.

6. Take a very random picture and write it up or offer it as a discussion on your blog.

Here's mine.

Curious Hanging Rope

This is not a trap for giraffes, in case any stroll by or very tall handsome individuals, again in case any stroll by.  It's definitely not a noose.  I don't have a roof garden so I am not transporting water up there.  I do knit and create cable designs, but this is not a model.  I like my neighbours, so I am not trying to make their life difficult.
- You get the idea.

Have a productive day.

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  1. Cool ideas, and a well-written post. Thanks for the mention, also!

    - TOSK