Saturday, December 29, 2012

They're at the post.....

......They're off or will be in a few days.  I have just agreed to join a 365 day challenge in my photography and blog writing groups.  It is a challenge that will combine both groups because it is to take a picture a day and post it in the photo group, which anyone can join with any type of camera and at any skill level - the idea is that the more pics you take the better you will become. And then to write a blog about it and post it in the blogging group, which again anyone may join.

I have written so far, including today, 176 blogs for 2012. To write a blog a day with a picture taken that day in 2013 would more than double my effort - I've got my fingers crossed.

Anyway, someone else posted a link to their blog post about others who have set themselves considerable blogging challenges.  Here is the link. This is an example of the amazing connectivity of the internet!!

I particularly like the one about the person who posted entries from his grandfather's calendar. Apparently his grandfather kept a calendar in the '60s and wrote something in each square everyday. His grandson now posts a square a day (or so) and writes a comment about it. Memories are made by the most common everyday things!!  There are lots more!!  I am always humbled by the number of amazing people out there doing amazing things and encouraging others to move out of their comfort zones and take on the world - or at least their small corner of it, thereby expanding it, themselves and everyone else involved!!!!

Serena Gundy Park Toronto - Dec 28, 2012

Life is a journey,  record each step - everyone needs some company along the way!!

Have an awesome day!!


  1. Wow! Carol, what a challenge! I'll be sure to follow your progress. Also, I've been meaning to stop in at your shop in never know ;)

  2. Thank you Pearl - love your blog -

    I tried to post but got into a WP loop. Sorry.