Sunday, December 02, 2012

If I could......

There is another small challenge on the blog posting site that I visit from time to time.  Actually, I was encouraged to complete the novel writing challenge, by one of the other blog posters there.  He was doing the same challenge and finished on the Wednesday.  His enthusiasm buoyed me up and I kept going.  I wanted one of those digital decal awards.  We really aren't all that materialistic. Sometimes a simple token of recognition is enough!

The new challenge is to complete the line, "If I could learn anything....." What immediately came to mind was, "If I could only learn to keep my mouth shut..." I'm sure that there are courses out there that teach discipline and tolerance, however you still have to apply the lessons learned.

I have taken courses in piano and guitar, no course available can teach a tin ear to resound or keep the beat.

My father taught me to drive a stick shift, to drive on streetcar tracks and to drive up hill on icy roads. I have never owned a pair of snow tires. What I haven't learned is how to keep the car tidy, the oil checked and the fluids topped up. Thank heavens for little red flashing lights!

It's too late to take a course in "How to be a Better Parent," the damage has been done. Or "How to Resist the Sad Eyes of Stray Cats." We are overrun. Or "How to Remember to Do Everything that Needs to be Done in a Day." This would take an army's worth of discipline. Fortunately I studied philosophy so I have learned to rationalize. For example, if you forget to buy bread you can argue that since Saltines are made with flour and water they are like bread, so just butter them and call it breakfast!!

What I would really like to do is go back to school and earn a degree in fine art. I know that I could take an art course here and there and I have.  But I need structure.  I need the parameters of a challenge. Four or five years of doing art, of pushing myself to look at the world or life in a different way, would be amazing. It would also probably mean a divorce.  My husband thinks that I'm strange enough as it is.  I don't have to pay anyone to push me over the edge.  Maybe I'll just take a course in Photoshop. Then I could make the world a prettier, if not a better place. I could make this Primrose -

look like this, for example.

Now I couldn't make it bloom all winter......Hmmm I wonder if there are courses in omnipotence?

Have a picture perfect day or perfect picture day!!!

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