Saturday, December 01, 2012

I WON!!!

At 9:45pm December 30, I posted a novel of 50,053 words to my Nanowrimo profile. Writing a novel has been on my bucket list for a while and with the help of National Novel Writing Month, I wrote one.  Now writing a novel and publishing a novel are two different things.  Still Nanowrimo makes you feel like a success.  As soon as you drop in your 50,000 plus words for validation, there are all these pop ups. You are given awards to post on your website and any place else.  There is a picture of a large group of people congratulating you and you get the opportunity to buy a victor's T-shirt for a mere $20.00.  Gotta have one. Here's the decal

And here is the synopsis of the book:

Woven is a novel of true stories. Penny has had a very traumatic experience, which has erased her memory. Confined to a facility and heavily medicated, she works at regaining her past.  What has caused the trauma and what she will discover about her life, should she succeed, are mysteries only she can solve.

And an extract:

I agreed to keep the journal. I promised that I would write something, anything at least once a day. My problem is I can remember very little. I 'm not sure why I can’t remember things like people, places or events. I just know that this is why I am here.  It’s all very vague, like floating in a sea of clouds.  Everything is white and without substance. There is this constant sense of falling. A sense that the clouds will give away and you will float into the nothingness. I clung to the pen in my hand for support. Opening the book, I admired the clean white page. Now what to write? I pause and think very hard. I have had this recurring image the last two or three days. I don’t understand it. But it's all I have to start with.

I will post the book's cover once I find a suitable picture.

Have a novel day!!


  1. WOW!!! I will live through you OKay....this is truly an accomplishment...if yu have ever sat infront of a blank white page and wanting to be clever, you know that all the blood and ideas drain quickly.......sincerely, Congratulations...♥DEbi