Thursday, November 08, 2012

Just keep Mooooving

I have been a little remiss in posting, many apologies.....I could say that I was adjusting to the time change....or I have a few things brewing that may surface shortly....or that I am just lazy....that would at least be honest.....anyway - it's all of the above.  But I have to post this picture of a car that I would love to have or a business that I would love to have - painting these cars...or using these cars for advertising. Just imagine all of these "zip cars" covered in really cool graphics.  So not only do you make money by renting out the cars, you also make money selling their "bodies" for advertising.

Just think of the transformation - and the distraction - of a fleet of these cuties - Oreo cookies, Crocs, Champagne, Chocolates, anything digital.

No longer will we have to deal with boring old cars, we could turn our roads into the transportation equivalent of Pinterest!

No wonder they are called "smart" cars!!

Have a moooooving day!!!

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