Sunday, November 04, 2012

Ice, Wine & Dine......

We went out yesterday for a small event on a short street in Toronto - Elm St. They were hosting a tasting and entertainment venue with "nibblies" from the many and varied restaurants on the street. They spiced up these treats with street performers, ice sculptures and of course a parade of the curious, ourselves included.  Here are some pictures:

These period pieces fight for survival amid the crush of high rises.

My husband at his favourite activity - menu hopping!!

The highlight of the day, though was a chance to go into a beautiful old building on Elm St. that is owned by the Arts and Letters club, which began in 1908. The building has an historical designation so it will be preserved. Here is a picture from the inside.  All lovers of the Arts welcome (for a price). Actually as clubs go, the membership is not that steep ($2,000.00) for the first year and then a thousand annually after that. All of the Group of Seven were members.  I haven't checked to see whether Margaret Atwood is one - just a thought :)

Above is a picture from inside the great hall.  It looks like an old church or medieval castle, which has been beautifully preserved.  We need to keep more of the old Toronto, high rises are just so soulless.

Have a very special day!!

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