Thursday, November 01, 2012

Celebrate November 1

Well, it's still raining and it rained on Hallowe'en too.  We didn't have a lot of kids out and the ones that braved the steady pour looked very wet.  This is so sad.  Hallowe'en is one of the few holidays that kids from all backgrounds can enjoy together - they/we need a break!!

On the holiday site that I visit from time to time, there is a list of celebrations for November 1, such as,

National Author's Day
Electric Light bulb Patented - Thomas Edison in 1879.
No Driving with Cellphones Day NYC Law 2001
World Community Day
All Saints Day
National Family Literacy Day 
Snug Hugs For Kids Day
Cider Day
Hello Kitty's Birthday
International Coaches Day

There is a "Write a book in 30 days Challenge" just starting so if you have ever thought of writing, this may be a good place to begin. Then you could celebrate National Author's Day, as one!

Electric light bulbs are like wells - you never miss them until they run dry. We never miss (or celebrate) a source of light until the power is cut. It's probably time to be reminded that there are communities out there that still work - read, study, knit etc.. by oil lamps.

People still use cellphones while driving...maybe it's time to ditch the car.

All Saints Day is like the odds and ends drawer for spiritual people. It's a day when all the forgotten holy men, women and children - canonized or not - could be remembered.

National Family Literacy Day is probably an excuse to calm the kids down after all the candy from Hallowe'en - Let's all just sit quietly and read books!

Snug Hugs for Kids Day is a donation drive for clothing etc to keep kids warm during winter. It was started 19 years ago by Merlin stores in the US - certainly a worthy cause.

Cider Day - I can identify with that and maybe even Cider Vinegar Day - time to celebrate with some fish and chips!!

Hello Kitty anything, I have a problem with. Extensive branding of "things" for kids just trains them to follow the herd. We can't raise individuals with unique thought patterns, if everyone feels that they have to have what everyone else has. I must see if there is a National Individuals Day - but then who would be brave enough to be themselves - maybe just too "freaky."  :)

International Coaches' Day - volunteer time and personal funds poured into sports for people of all ages is certainly something to celebrate - just don't get me going on our current mayor and his use of public finds to support just the team that he coaches during the day when he is supposed to be in council. Too bad that so many who work very hard are soured by one rotten egg!!

The picture is for World Community Day - build places where people can interact. This is at The Brickworks in Toronto. I am so pleased that my daughter completed her Bachelor of Community Design degree this Spring from Dalhousie.  There are similar programs at other universities in Canada. I am just thrilled that there are courses now that will teach people both to interact as individuals within a community and to build communities that support this individualism!!

This is my rant for the day!!  Now to say a prayer for the little known and/or remembered St. Eulalia, patron saint of Barcelona - "wish I were there - how good are your transporting powers these days?"

Have an amazing day!!

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