Friday, October 26, 2012

Yang, Yin and Yen

"Yang" was one of my focusing words yesterday.  In Chinese philosophy it is the active principle of the universe, characterized as heaven, male, light and penetrating. Well the weather yesterday may have been all that and more. The high yesterday was about 25C and for late October it was amazing!! I did a 2 mile walk to the bank and back, just to savour the day!!

My other focusing word was "Yin." Also from Chinese philosophy, it is the passive principle of the universe, characterized as earth, female, dark and absorbing. My actual work place is a little like this. It is lower level space with no windows, it involves knitting - strongly female and although it isn't dark, it can be a little uninspiring and definitely very absorbing.

Although the Earth has many positive features.  It has angst.  I think that I like "Yang" better!! In truth I guess we spend our lives trying to balance the Yin and the Yang. As we struggle for heaven or enlightenment, we are pulled back by our earth bound limitations.

My "Yen" yesterday was a bagel with cream cheese from What-A-Bagel next door to my bank. Sigh, I guess,  I'll never reach "Yang" heaven when I am so consumed by "Yin's" earthly delights.... and the sour cream was "laced" with dill!!

Today ends my alphabet focusing. I have enjoyed this blog challenge. I am openly soliciting words for focusing.  I'd like to continue. So far I have chosen the words. If others suggest them, it's a chance to move out of my comfort zone.  Please post - any word starting with any letter or start again with "A"!!

Today is a "Z" day.  I plan to focus on "Zest," "Zeal" and "Zephyr."

Have a zealous day!!

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