Sunday, October 07, 2012

The "F" words...

Yesterday was Saturday and to me that means "Fun."  Even though there are chores to do, there is not the same pressure that there is on weekdays. I think that I will choose for my other two "focusing" words - Fabulous and Fantastic. I know that these are probably synonyms and that means that I have to come up with an event  or - I hesitate to say, thought - that's "out of this world." Hmmmm  maybe.

The "Fun" actually started early. Robyn Gallimore posted an amazing French (another F word) cat or is that Chat video on Facebook (yet another F word).  It is fabulous.  Here it is.

This has to be the classiest cat video around.  I have been watching a few and nothing comes close to this one!!

Now for the fabulous and fantastic.  As I was tidying up yesterday, I came across a magazine that my husband had saved because there was an article in it about retiring early on next to nothing in some exotic country. This was a must read, so I dropped everything and read about how two people could live for less than $2,000.00 a month in any one of or all of these countries - Ecuador, Uraguay, Costa Rica, Belize, (rural) Italy and P.E.I. - wait a minute that's a province. I know that there are cheaper places to live in the world, but these places were chosen because they were among the top 10 countries with excellent health care insurance plans and facilities.

The magazine is Moneysense.  There was just a snippet on-line for this article; but there are quite a few others in other issues that are similar. It was a fantasy read that qualifies for "fantastic."  So I must have been focusing without really trying.

Finally I had mentioned in an earlier post that I wanted to see "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" because Judy Dench is in it - so is Maggie Smith. Well my husband offered to find the film on one of our cable channels,  give up watching the baseball game and even watch the film with me - boy, do I owe!!

Well, for those who haven't seen the film it's about a group of people who randomly come together because their finances have been compromised and they all have to live cheaply somewhere in the world. For them that somewhere is a tumble down hotel in Jaipur India.  I highly recommend the film!! This is my fabulous for the day.  I also walked through Mud Creek ravine - a fantastic escape in the city!!

Sumac from one of my ravine walks - exotic places in Toronto!!

Today is  "G" day and my focusing words will be Gorgeous, Grand and Gamble.  The last one's a bit risky, but then I am trying to move out of my comfort zone - just a little.

Have a Grand Day

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