Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Yesterday was a holiday and that in itself is a hollowed time - a time to reflect on the meaning of the day. The fact that the holiday was Thanksgiving made it that much more special.

I spent a good deal of time yesterday mentally giving thanks for everything I have been given. Even in the city the vistas were lovely.

I went for a walk in a ravine rather grandly known as the Vale of Avoca and it was a bit like being in nature's cathedral.

A fitting place to meditate.

I sent thoughts and prayers for those not as fortunate, with a hope that their dreams would come true one day too. I made believe that these prayers were heard. And that all the leaves that floated down were actually promises in answer to my requests.

Lofty (haute) thoughts on a holiday (holy day) from a hallowed place.  Today is an "I" day.  So I have chosen Imagine, Ingenuity, and Interest.

Have an imaginative day!!

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