Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunny Sunday

Today made up for yesterday.  It was a beautiful sunny day, almost warm, with a breeze. People were in shirt sleeves or light jackets. There was no need to bundle up.  It was an unfettered day.

We were not constrained by time either. We didn't have to be here or there by this hour or that so we could just go out and explore. I had read about a ravine trail that we hadn't walked before and we had no idea how long it would take us but we decided to set out anyway. In effect we ended up walking south from the Brickworks to Riverdale Farm, through several ravines and back again. It took us about two hours, but it was fun!! Here is what we saw -

Wedding pictures being taken. It was a little tricky skirting around this bride's train. But it was her day, so the endless gaggle of back backers, bikes, dogs and kids tiptoed past - an interesting diversion.

Dogs in Hallowe'en costumes.  Here is one dressed like a devil. This seems to be the latest trend - maybe just an urban "thing" - very unique anyway.

This is a bridge over the Rosedale Valley Rd. where we emerged from one path to connect with another. Deep in the forested trails, you can forget about the traffic.

Finally the gates to the Necropolis cemetery next to Riverdale Farm. I often feel like a tourist in Toronto. From quirky urbane trends to unfettered country walks - it's a very unique city.

Today is a "V" day. How about "vivacious," "victorious," and "vital." All of this on a Monday - hope I'm up for it!!

Have a vivacious day!!

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