Thursday, October 18, 2012

Quantum leaps...

Maybe not so.  I have another blog and website which sits on a back burner, because I have plans for it later.  Well the webmaster that created and hosts the site has never got it right.  Last night I exploded!! The same problems were there again with pdf downloads from the site.  If I could have taken a quantum leap to his office, which is not that far away,  I would have.  I am planning a trip there today. Quantum leaps are sometimes just putting in an amazing amount of effort to get some tiny "thing" done that really should have just fallen into place, but hasn't.

Please post if you have some examples of your own!! urrghh!!

Now, yesterday, I was really focusing on "quantum" and maybe I should have chosen "quest" instead of "query,"  because I didn't ask a lot of questions. Perhaps my mind was asking questions, though,  in my subconscious, because this morning, as I was cruising through postings in my blog challenge group, I came across a post that showed you how to create an e-book and I suddenly realized that I had three books that I started before the internet - was there ever a time? - and maybe I should look at getting them into a format and putting them up somewhere.  They are part of a series entitled "Plant A Story Garden." These books are also part of the reason my garden is so chaotic because I planted just about every plant that was included in the booklets.

Above is Rose of Sharon from "The Biblical Garden."

My third focusing word, Quality, is something that is very elusive and varies with the person. It drove Phaedrus mad in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I failed to see quality in my web master's work yesterday. I think that the quest for quality is on-going.  It happens daily and it never ends.  We have glimpses from time to time of its presence, a good movie, a great product, a job well done.  Well, my glimpse yesterday was a great curry for dinner with quality mango chutney. Quality measured daily in small things may help us counter the general lack of quality out there.

Today will be better!!!  It's a roaring' R day. Radical, Revved and Ready!!  Bring on Thursday - I know they only say this in the movies :)

Have a fabulous day!!

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