Saturday, October 20, 2012

On sanity, sanctity and salience...

Sanctity was one of my focusing words yesterday. Maybe I should have chosen sanity too. I have started to build a website in wordpress. I know that building a blog in WP is easy and that's where it ends!! A website is quite a different matter!!

There was nothing holy about it and by the end of the day with the air completely "blue," I conceded my sanity. But I am back again today, to do the same thing!!

1. First Go-Daddy installed WP on the wrong url. It was a live url and it needed to be either in a subdirectory or on a dormant url. I called again. Fortunately Go-Daddy doesn't use a call centre and uses young (I have to believe handsome) men to "walk" you through "stuff." Well I was told in English  I could understand that I needed to uninstall WP and re-install it on another url. The total time wasted was 1.5 hours - Alas!!

The salient comment, though, from this conversation was, "We'll have to install it on a url you are not using. Do you have a spare url?" Like tires, I have to believe that there are lots of people out there with an extra url or two just hanging around waiting for a rainy day or something. Well, yes, I did have an extra url - I was a little worried because I had just relinquished rights to about 6 or 7 urls to save some money, since I realized that I wasn't ever going to use them  - maybe a little too hasty.

2. I was told that there were "tons" of templates out there and I just had to pick one.  Well I didn't find many free ones and I am determined to work through this from the bare bones.  Ask me again tonight, if I feel the same way :)

3. I chose a template, filled in some blanks, added some pictures and was close to thinking that life was good when I decided to do some "tweaking." You know change the font, centre a heading, align some pictures. I clicked on the heading "style manager" or something like that and was handed a blank box. Apparently, I have to enter the required HTML script to make these changes. And this is just the first page!!

Souciant means concerned, caring, worried about "things." I know that when I fret over problems, my brain feels like an engine chugging up some impossible incline. I understand that this is a good thing. I am starting to "syke" myself up for the day - some engines are flashier than others :)

Today is a "T" day and I think that I will focus on "Terrific," "Tangible," and "Tantamount."

Have a terrific day!!

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