Wednesday, October 31, 2012

National Magic Day

Really I have it from a reliable internet source, that yesterday was National Magic day.  Maybe the main magic of the day was that the storm, although fierce, was controlled and although lives were lost, many were saved. Many people prayed for each other and sent powerful messages of hope through the ether.

We had power outages and trees down. But we managed to find both our candles, partly because we had some of them out for the pumpkins tonight...and our matches. Blessed are they that Bar-B-Que for they shall always have matches!!

Candles, like prayers, have a magic all their own.

Just a short post today. Some people actually have something called wordless Wednesday, where they just post a picture and no comment. Blessed are they that can hold their thoughts and tongues (or keyboards) for a day - this is another kind of magic.  It needs a lot of practice, though and I am not there yet!!

Have a magical day!!

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