Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Marvelous Monday

Monday itself might have been the "victorious" in my focusing exercise. It was a glorious day 18 degrees C, sunny, full of Fall colours.  I just soaked it up.

It was a vivacious "in your face" kind of day and I didn't mind at all!!

My daughter called too with her "victory." She has a placement in Toronto for her teaching practicum until Christmas. It is at the only all girl's high school in the Toronto public board.  I had no idea that there was such a thing. I think that it must fall under the heading "alternate" school. Anyway, it's right up her alley, given that she took her last year of HS at an alternative school - City School.

Go figure, I spent my 5 years of HS trekking from my home in Etobicoke to my all's girls HS half way across the city!!  I vowed that my kids wouldn't have to do that so we bought a house half a block from one of the most popular HS's in the city. The kids could virtually roll out of bed and roll into their first class. It sort of worked for the eldest. My daughter left in her last year to trek half way across the city to an alternate school and we ended up sending the youngest to a private school that was a fair drive away and I drove!

Life is a journey. You can't make it any easier on someone, if they want to experience all the ups and down themselves.  It is a vital part of the 'hike."

I was hoping to post more focusing words from the blog that I'm following - but maybe he has taken a break.

So today is a "W" day. How about "Wisdom," "Wish," and "Wonderful." I may have to really work at this, because it's raining again today.

Have a wonderful day!!

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