Friday, October 12, 2012

Karma, Kismet and Kitsch

I know that these are all "K" words for my "K" focusing day and these are all "K" words with a hard sounding "K,"  as opposed to a silent "K," like "Knit." Business advisers will tell you that you should use a word with the hard "K" sound when naming your business.  I guess that I should have read that information before I chose the name "Infiknit." It has the "K" but it is silent - Kodak has two "K"'s - both click!!

Maybe the "K" appeal has something to do with the "click" sound.  I know a lot of people who waste time playing computer games because of that satisfying "click" sound. Perhaps it sounds like a connection,  a completion, a busyness - things are happening!!

Well kinetic things happened in my "K" day. Three stores that I hadn't heard from in a very long time contacted me and two of the three placed orders.  I just love keeping in touch! There was lots of activity getting ready for Woodstock tomorrow and I moved foreword  in other things that I am working on.

I actually completed the cryptic crossword puzzle in The Globe yesterday!  I do the cryptic every evening but rarely get "every" word. I finished my book - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. This is good because often, if I put a book down, I rarely pick it up again.  There is a lot of energy out there, milling around and I was able to tap into a little of it yesterday.

And now for the kitsch.

Perhaps a little unfair, as a motorcycle is really not cheap or tacky - but it is fun.  Nothing says freedom like a motorcycle.  It's the wild west - almost a lawless state of doing whatever you please, going wherever you like and wearing as many tattoos as your body will hold and then some :) "The hog" is almost the embodiment of the energy out there. You just have to ride away into the ether!

Today is an "L" day - Laugh, Live, Love.

Have a kinetic day!!

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