Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kalon is a word...?

Here are some of the focusing words from the blog that I have been following:

J - Jovial, Jacked, Justice
K - Kinetic, Kind, Kalon
L - Light, Laughter, Loving
M & N - do not have a post as yet - or I can't find it.
O - Oneness, Ovation, Orbital

I understand that the term "Jacked" means being pushed to the breaking point.  I guess I need to try a little harder - maybe not so much of the Opulence and more of the Penance :) Kalon also is not in my dictionary, but there are references to it on-line.  It's from the Greek concept of perfection or harmony - everything in its place.  I need to try harder at that one too.

I may be moving in the right direction, though, because I was productive -
Yesterday was a very productive day. Julia was in to help and we got a lot of orders out!!

I kept promises -
I made soup last night and went for routine blood tests that I have been putting off. The truth is they can never find a vein and it always makes me feel as though I'm some sort of alien from a bloodless planet.

And I found potential in a picture I had taken a few months ago and posted it in my photography group. The challenge was windows.  On second thought maybe I am from another planet :) I even turned it into a video hmmmm.

Today is a "Q" day.  The challenge may very well be finding "Q" words to focus on.  At first I thought that "Quixotic" sounded interesting until I realized that it meant "rash"or "impractical." I don't need to focus on the quixotic, it happens to be second nature.  I need to focus on something to counter it.  Perhaps, I should choose "Quantum" - probably the same thing only it sounds calculated :) "Quality" and "Query."

Have a wonderful day!!

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