Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jay - ded

Well, even though I focused at lot yesterday, I didn't manage to go very far - as in a journey - one of my "J" words. However, I did book a hotel room for Friday night in Woodstock ON, because I have to be at the show for 8:30 Saturday morning all set up.  I would have had to leave Toronto at 3:00am to do this in one day - better to set up on Friday and stay over.

Joy was my next "J" word and yes I was able to infuse a lot of joy into my leftover turkey dinner last night. I think that I could eat turkey 'til the cows came home - maybe not the best idea :)

My last "J" word was "jive" - as in having things come together and yesterday was a bit piecemeal.  There were no Eureka moments where things "came together." I probably just should have tidied up - this usually puts things back in place and the office at least looks "together." Maybe this will happen on a "K" day.

The picture is of bicycle racks at the Brickworks - just waiting for a lap on my journey.

Today I have chosen - Karma, Kismet and Kitsch!  Katch you later :)

Have a wonderful day!!

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