Tuesday, October 02, 2012

"Good, better, best...

Never let it rest. 'Til the good is better and the better, best."  I remember learning this in high school; but I have probably forgotten it, more times than I've remembered it.  I like the Nike one - "Just do it." - But this probably puts you at the "good" level and then you have to refine what you have done through "better,  best."

Then there is the question - how many things can you apply this ethic to at once?  Right now I am working on evening meals and trying to come up with a few more interesting dishes to "spice" up the routine - my son shamed me into this.  I did post his comment in an earlier blog. Well, now the vacuuming didn't get done.

I know that there are overachievers out there that can do both and much more, I guess this is why I am in this challenge, and I am complaining, and I am only at the letter "B."

OK life coaches will say that you have to set priorities and celebrate what you have actually achieved to keep you going. So yesterday my priority was getting a Pigeon video done - I know I have always had problems selecting what is important from what is "fun" and too often, I have decided that having fun is the most important thing to do right then, rather than having the discipline to choose what ought to be done. Hmmmm - something to work on.

Here is a celebration of what I have done.

Now to apply this level of perfection to a few other aspects of my life. My "B" words are Better, Best and Brave - as in do something everyday that scares you!!

Have a Beautiful day!!

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