Saturday, October 06, 2012

Catching up...

I didn't post yesterday because I woke up at 2:00am and didn't get back to sleep, so the day was spent trying to keep awake!!! The previous day was a D-Day - well not in the historical sense - but I did get a lot of 'things' done.  Usually when a shipment comes in, I manage to get a lot of orders out the same day and I have this wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

In addition to "do", my other "D" words for the day were dare and drama.  Nothing daringly dramatic happened except that I went out after dinner to one of the movie theatres on Mt Pleasant to take a picture of its marquis - I know - get a life - but they had a very interesting double bill and I loved the combination of titles
 Moonrise Kingdom
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

I thought I must tell my travel agent to book me a trip.  Well when I got to the theatre they were changing the marquis and Moonrise Kingdom was gone.  I had not seized the day and popped down earlier to capture what I thought was a little escapism.  Really I think that I will watch both movies. The former has Bill Murray in it - he's a favourite - and the latter, Judy Dench - what's not to love.

A D-Day executed.  And from the blog I am following - Direct, Decisive, Delightful. I can identify with that. Now onto an "E" day.

So yesterday I should have focused on "E" words and in hindsight, I think that I would have chosen Energy, Enlightenment and Entertaining. Well all I focused on yesterday was energy, I was trying desperately to stay awake on a few hours of sleep and I wasn't succeeding very well.  I also knew that when I got home I had to clean the house and make dinner for 6 people because we were having guests!!

Well, when I finally decided that I'd had enough of work, at work, I left to start the housework.  You can imagine my surprise when I got home to a clean house and dinner half made.  My husband had left work early, shopped for dinner, got the youngest to vacuum while he cleaned the bathroom and with time left over, he had started dinner.  I was dispatched to bed for an hour or so before the guests arrived and we all managed to have a very entertaining evening.

I course I am now deeply indebted to my "better half."  There are times when literally, I couldn't function without him. Next post - "F" words :)

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