Thursday, October 04, 2012

Calming, Charismatic and Concise...

Again from the blog I am following.  His posting was so concise, I wasn't sure how he managed the Charisma.  However, I did wish you a Charismatic day at the end of my last post and I hadn't even read his blog yet - so there is obviously some energy being transmitted. The calming - well by the time the energy comes from Washington State to Toronto, it's pretty calm.

Now my three - Clever, I used up leftovers tonight, so I was able to save the stew that my husband had made, for Thursday night, because he's out on a charity walk tonight and will eat there. It's not brilliant; but it's better than some of my other "clever" ideas - like freezing chicken in a marinade, so that it would marinate when it thawed - this did not work - don't try it!!

Left overs!!

Caring - I often get caught up in my own world and I have to work hard at remembering that my world is made enjoyable because of all the people in it and therefore, I owe them something!!  I have finished a card - just a little thank you note that has instructions for a simple lace pattern as part of the card. I intend to send these out.  I owe a lot of people - a lot!!

Clean - I had help today so Julia and I cleaned out a lot of interesting "stuff" which I wasn't using but would be very useful for others - like buttons, and cedar shapes.  Sadly, I still have the dolls - they are just waiting for a good home!!

Whoa!! I am on to D words.  "Ds" are important for words like determination, diligence, drama, and didgeridoo :) Actually the last one has 3 "D's" how did I manage that? And it is a musical instrument - but you knew that.

So maybe I will pick - "do" and skip the didgeri - because I have a lot to get done and "dare" because I am still challenging myself - just a little and "drama" - I'm not saying musical theatre - but maybe I can grab a little street theatre with my camera. Now you know why there are these people standing on street corners looking as though they are doing nothing - They are really just waiting for the show to begin.

Have a Divine day!!

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