Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Benevolent, Bold, Brilliant

These were the words chosen by the author of a blog that I am following, for his focus yesterday. He probably owns a Thesaurus. Yes, I know I do too - several in fact - and I know that Google offers word searches for synonyms and antonyms.  I guess I was in a hurray and came up with better, best and brave. Well, they are direct.

Yesterday wasn't a great day.  I had too many distractions to actually focus on anything - I think that this is the point of the exercise - to focus and ignore or deal with these distractions.  Well I have 24 more days to get better!!

The only significant "thing" that I can remember from yesterday was that, I ate my own meat loaf.  I would call that "brave." I did get my blog written - "better" and as part of yesterday's recovery, I have decided that the "best" is yet to come.

Now I just have to come up with three qualities to focus on today that start with "C." How about Clever, Caring and Clean - I'm de-cluttering at work so that last one is a given - but maybe I could push myself to find a new home for two cloth dolls that I was given - now that would be a challenge!! Oops another "C" word.

I'll keep you posted!!

Have a charismatic day!!!

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