Monday, October 01, 2012

An "A" word...

I am going to follow - for awhile anyway - this A-Z blog on focusing for "improvement."  I am sure that it will be for self improvement because I have been focusing on various flaws in the house - cracks in walls, chipped paint, mould etc. and these things have not improved, by the mere act of focusing on them.  I think that it might take a little more of something else to mend them :)

But I have heard that you can improve your image, soul, persona.... by just thinking or focusing on the positives.  This sounds easier than a lot of physical exercise, dieting, reading or anything other than eating and sleeping!!...oh yes and thinking!!!

I know that there is a book out there entitled "Think and Grow Rich."  I haven't read it yet - maybe that's my problem.  Anyway, the A-Z challenge asks you to focus on a quality (or three) one day at a time.  I think that I'll stick with one. Three would appeal to my ADD side; but then I know that nothing would be focused.

Now to find a quality or attribute that starts with A.  Attitude is good. Focus on a positive attitude over a negative one.  Of course - gone is the dry humour that often gets me through the day. Activate is another "A" word.  I could activate an idea (or two) that has/have been rolling around in my brain for awhile. Agitate - shake things up a bit, get up, get moving, clean out some clutter.

Well I think that if I just get moving, that will help.  Please post if you have any other "A" words.  This could be fun!!

Have an AWESOME day.

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