Monday, October 01, 2012

Activate is an "A" word.

OK I got a bit more done today than I might have, because I needed to post to a challenge.  Let's face it how many of us would do a "proper" dinner, if we didn't have people to feed.  So, I needed to contribute to a community and I completed a voice-over video, which I have been meaning to do for a few months now.

It's one of those "things' that could easily drift and never get done; but I did want to put this video up on YouTube and I couldn't find anyone to do the voice over.  I could have done music - but this one needed commentary.

So here it is.  BTW I am prepared to e-mail this to anyone who would like to put their own commentary on it.  I guess I could call it "Who put the "pig" in pigeon?"

All comments welcome. This is a work in progress.  Be warned I have 3 cats and I have heard that cat videos are more popular than pigeon videos.  I can't imagine why :)

The other "A' words suggested were from Elaine on this blog - Thank-you Elaine - Accepting and Adaptable and from the original site - Authentic, Appreciative and Ambitious.  WOW that'a a lot of "A" words

Have an Amazing day!!

PS Tomorrow is a "B" day and I have a swan video - they are prettier than pigeons, but maybe not as interesting.

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