Monday, September 17, 2012


My daughter called to say that it snowed in Thunder Bay today.  I have heard stories that the snow starts in mid Sept and ends in mid May,  but I have always presumed that these were exaggerations.  I am not sure that it actually snowed in Eqaluit today. Thunder Bay may be a micro climate - colder than the North pole.

Thunder Bay is on Lake Superior - the lake that destroyed the Edmund Fitzgerald - immortalized in song by Gordon Lightfoot.  If it snows in September - you can bet it would have been miserable in late October!!

Time to bring out all the "cold comforts" - soups and stews, hot toddies, warm blankets, wood fires, woollen mittens, knitted scarves......

This is not a black and white picture - our world just turns black and white in winter. Fortunately we have a while before it snows in TO, at least I hope so!!!

OOPS! I need a quote for this post because of the challenge - from Mae West -

"I used to be Snow White, but I drifted." Sorry this is the best I could do!! 

Have wonderful day!!!

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  1. SNOW! You said the 'S' word!!! I do love fall but remind myself that a few years ago, the first school bus cancellation of the year was Oct 17th!!!

    Snow? Really?