Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nuit Blanche - II

We began and ended Nuit Blanche this year at the AGO - the Art Gallery of Ontario - mainly because we found a parking spot out front and decided that we needed to use a decent washroom. Funny how some basic necessities often shape the outcome of "things."

This is the AGO with the new Frank Gehry face lift - it really is spectacular!!  Once inside the building we decided to explore their Nuit Blanche offerings.  Upstairs there was a photography display by 4 artists.  After viewing their work, you were asked to vote on the one you liked best.  It was really hard. They were all very good, with very young fresh ideas.

Finally my husband and I voted for a female photographer who had about 12 small frames in black and white that showed reflections. The reason we liked hers was, because when you left her area, there was a huge mirror on the wall that made you part of the "show." It was all just vanity - then again, maybe that's what Art really is - just vanity.

Don't we look like two Art connoisseurs just ready to drop a million or so on the next Van Gogh :)

Here is the main installation.  Although it resembles a "sweat shop" in the garment industry, it is really meant to be a celebration of work.  Every once in a while the "artists" would break into song. An interesting take on the daily grind.

Last night the real Art, for me, was in the faces of the people who came to see it.

The one below is a family classic - parent pointing out what is "important" and child finding what he thinks is important.

I know that there were a lot of people just out to party and that is an Art form in itself; but many came to take a serious look at what artists do with their lives - but maybe not for a living

Face the day!!

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