Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nuit Blanche 7?

We went out for Nuit Blanche again last night.  We have gone out for everyone - rain or shine err well maybe it's glow since it started 6 or 7 years ago.  Every year is different. Sometimes the locales have shifted. Definitely the Art installations have changed. The weather is important and the number of small come-by-chance "happenings" have either expanded or contracted.

This year the weather was almost warm and the skies clear. The area we chose to see, city hall  (because we don't go out all night to see everything) was very busy - mobbed in fact. Most events were "over subscribed" and since we decided long ago that we would not wait in line ever, we didn't see what hordes of people went out to see.

Also, since the small installations, which one often just "happened upon," were few and far between,  I decided that the Art for me last night was seeing the people, enjoying the lights and just looking at Toronto, as one huge Art installation.

Quintessential Toronto - the street car and all the people who should have left their cars at home and biked or walked.  Below are some of the people who lit up the night.  More on Nuit Blance next post.

Have an enlightened day!!

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