Monday, September 03, 2012

KD, Gold Fish and the fine art of parenting...

OK I raised my kids on Gold Fish crackers and KD - that's Kraft Dinner not K. D. Lang.  Some say that if you have a child until the age of seven, you have them for life and I think that they must be right, because my 30-year-old still eats KD and my daughter at 20, bought herself a Gold Fish cracker carrier - Finn -  this summer.

What can I say.  I tried all the good stuff and they refused to eat - so I caved in early and gave them what they wanted!!  Now The 19-year old doesn't eat either of these.  But, he'll have eggs - any style, anytime or frozen pizza.  I must have gone through a frozen pizza stage, which I can't remember because I was raising two kids who were 14 months apart, plus their older brother - busy time - who could remember anything :)

Anyway today on the theme of celebrating ordinary things - I am giving centre stage to Finn and linking you to one of my favourite commercials - the KD Gold Fish ad. The video comes pretty close to a definitive statement of the craziness of my family life then!!!

I'm not saying that there were times when I could have "eaten the kids" - but there were times when we had to come up for air through some thick yellow sludge.

Celebrate just getting through it.  Put front and centre a small trophy like Finn, as a reminder that you achieved something phenomenal.

Have a great day!!!

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  1. <3 We all love the Gold Fish! My granddaughter..age 5..has eaten them and plain Cheerios since under the age of one! My daughter at 26 still loves the Kraft Mac n Cheese too! My granddaughter takes spells with the mac n cheese, somedays she'll eat it others won't touch it!