Monday, September 24, 2012

Ignore the Ig nobels?

Not me.  I love the fact that there is a group out there willing to comment on some of the insanity in this world. Sometimes someone or some group has to hold up a STOP sign to those pursuing the ever-decreasing circle of their own self importance, lest they do themselves an injury :)

Here is the main site - with a listing of this year's winners and an archive for the previous 22 years of winners - just in case you want to see how you can get an award for some really silly ideas or breathe a sigh of relief that someone actually did do a study on - avoiding  interior explosions during colonoscopies :)

Here are a few others from the archives -

HYGIENE: Eduardo Segura, of Lavakan de Aste, in Tarragona, Spain, for inventing a washing machine for cats and dogs.  Hmmmm

LITERATUREJohn Richards of Boston, England, founder of The Apostrophe Protection Society, for his efforts to protect, promote, and defend the differences between plural and possessive.  Hurray!!!

ARTDon Featherstone of Fitchburg, Massachusetts, for his ornamentally evolutionary invention, the plastic pink flamingo
REFERENCE: "Pink Flamingos: Splendor on the Grass"  I have actually written about this before in Endangered Species

LITERATURE: The British Standards Institution for its six-page specification (BS-6008) of the proper way to make a cup of tea. This, I have to read - obviously I am doing something wrong!!

My photo take on it all - 

This might not become as popular as the pink flamingo; but there are possibilities on the east coast anyway.

Have an award winning day!!

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