Thursday, September 06, 2012

Holiday Spirits

There is something incredibly awesome about this place.  There are no mountains - just high land and lake - huge lake and rock - so much rock that you wonder if there is anything else except rock and trees and water.

It was when I went to see the pictographs that I realized what else was here. Something you couldn't actually see - just feel. There were the spirits - the ancient spirits of the first people. Spirits who inhabited the water, the rocks and the trees - powerful gods that could be fickle when angered. And then there were the souls of the ancestors, the ones who created the myths, recorded in the pictographs; as well as the coastal footpaths we were on.

It was eerie and enriching at the same time. Here is a rock face similar to the one used for the pictograph.  I couldn't take a picture of that one because in spite of climbing down 3 "flights" of stone "steps," I still had to walk out on slippery rocks that were at a 45 degree angle into the lake. I was wearing sandals.  I will go back with better footwear!

One of the flights of stairs.

My quotation for the post -

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. Albert Einstein.

Have an awesome day

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  1. There are NO Mistakes in Nature...

    What a lovely adventure...hope your daughter has a successful year ♥Debi