Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Halifax - a second home.

My husband just booked our daughter's flights for Thanksgiving - only she isn't coming home - she's flying to Halifax. I think that she must be homesick for a place she fell in love with, even before she arrived there, three years ago to start her undergraduate degree at Dalhousie.

We fell in love with Halifax too, the few times we went down to drop her off or pick her up. It is just one of the prettiest cities I have ever seen. I know that she wants to see the friends she made there, go back to the pubs, of which there are many and just take in the sea air and the ambiance that became so much a part of her life for three years.

Although we will miss her home for Thanksgiving, I am glad that she is creating a life of her own. I remember being homesick for London (England) for years, after I left, a long time ago.

Maybe the best quotation here is from Leo Vroman - "I'd rather be homesick than home." Alas they leave the nest and create their own flight paths. We should be thankful.
From the Gardens in the centre of Halifax.
Have a memorable day!

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  1. Dont fret they ALWAYS remember where home is.....♥Debi