Friday, September 28, 2012

Focusing A-Z...

I was just cruising FB and debating whether I would enter another blog challenge when I came across this blog post.

It's by Justice Calo Reign and he is going to do a 26 day challenge toward self improvement based on the alphabet.  Everyday for 26 days, he is asking followers to "focus" on certain qualities that they would like to have or improve beginning with the letter "A" and working over the next 25 days to the letter "Z."

He then plans to include all his ideas and the respective comments in a book.  I may pop in and read the comments from time to time.  I always like to applaud people who are making an effort to improve themselves and thereby, one presumes, the world.

My photo take on it all.

Not a lot about knitting. But a little about business, because you could apply Reign's exercises to your company.  Although this may have been easier during the "slow" time, or as my husband says the months without the "R" - revenue.

It would also be fun to see what goals or focuses that people choose for those odd letters, such as the ones above plus "Q" and "Z."

Have a focused day!!

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