Thursday, September 27, 2012

Diamonds in the sun...

More on seeing what isn't there.  Here is a picture I took this summer after some rain.  It's a spider's web with rain drops.

I think that it looks like lace with beads. My photography group, which anyone can join with any type of camera, is doing some interesting postings in black and white.  I posted this one, which my photo editor could magically change to a black and white shot.

Here is another without the frame of the fence.

And here is a lace scarf with beads.  This is what I saw that wasn't there.

This scarf is actually part of a trio of scarves based on a poem by W. B. Yeats  - The Cloths of Heaven.

They are Dark, Light and Half-light.

Art in nature - nature in Art - look for what isn't there!

Have a wonderful day!!

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  1. Your scarf's are enchanting. what patience you must have, just like that tricky spider...♥Debi