Sunday, August 19, 2012

Who's on board....

I posted this picture for the photography scavenger hunt heading - community.

I can't help looking at these decals when I'm behind a car or van with some in their back window.  It's a brilliant idea to get people to spend money!! and a little akin to the ubiquitous sign "Baby on Board," which made the company, who produced them, millions.  The link is to wikipedia's description of the evolution of Baby on Board. 

Briefly, a couple from Massachusetts brought the idea back from Germany. They had trouble marketing it and hired a chap who eventually bought their company, renamed it and the rest is history. Another small easy to manufacture idea that eventually went viral!!!

Well I think that these decals are right up there with the baby sign. They are simple, but say a lot about the occupants and their life style without being burdensome.

Now the challenge is to come up with something simple like that for knitting!!!

Have an inspired day!!

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