Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What's a book store....?

Funny you should ask....I was in Indigo last night - my husband needed another mystery book so we combined it with a walk and I kinda "hung out"  and waited for him to get something to read.  I had my camera so I amused myself by taking pictures of the shelves where books used to be.  This is what I saw...

Lots of displays of Kitsch - funny retro things to eat, or to send as cards, or to give as gifts - mugs and notebooks etc which said - "Stay Calm and Carry On," or had your initials on them, or an old postcard..

And then there were reading "comfort stations" with afghans and knitted socks - "reading socks"- actually - I liked the knitted part.

But there used to be tons and tons of books here and I find it a little sad that so much has been replaced by Gumdrops, Jelly Beans and Jaw Breakers.  I know that paper is passé. Even now I see musicians reading music from their electronic devices and I know it makes sense - given the years  I have spent reading dog-eared music books.

I'm just moaning the loss of something that I enjoyed - cruising through book stores.  I would never have gone into a candy store and I really don't need designer reading socks :) or another mug or tea pot or flower vase.

What I want is to be able to go into a book store and thumb through the books and decide what I want to read.  I read book reviews in the newspaper and scroll through lists on-line; but I still really can't get the feel of a book with out skimming through the chapters and reading a paragraph or two.

I guess for recreation, instead of feeding the mind we are now feeding the body..... Well they will really have to improve the prizes in the Cracker Jacks' boxes to make me switch!!

Sorry for the moan - change is difficult for some of us!!!

Have a great day!!!

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  1. Downloading of books now...I know..I will never be one, but millions are and now there are even fewer magazines...oh they are online as well........and we wonder why our energy bills are out of site....But used book stores are doing better than before..I go there first now! ♥Debi