Friday, August 03, 2012

Too much CSI

There is such a thing as watching too much CSI!!!  Someone backed into my car the other day, while it was parked in the parking lot.  I was actually amazed to find a note on my windshield with a telephone number and an apology.

At first I thought that the number would be a "fake"  -  my CSI mind had started in overdrive because I was angry about the hit. I thought that the offenders felt they had to do something because the parking lot would have been full of employees from the building who also park in the lot and they would have gotten the license number and then it would have been hit and run - right!

Wrong - a very charming voice at the other end apologized and asked if I wouldn't mind getting 2 estimates and then they would give me a cheque for the damage.  I was relieved.  This was Thursday, July 26. By Monday, I had the 2 estimates and both were around $1,000.00. I called.  The charming voice answered and said that he would pay the lower of the two estimates; but he couldn't do that until Wednesday because he was going to Montreal on business. I was dismayed, but I accepted and hung up.

Then I got to thinking - Wait a minute. Today was July 30 and Wednesday would be Aug 1.  The accident happened in the parking lot of The Box Spot, a moving store.  That's it!!! Once he found out that the damage was actually just under $1,000.00 the legal limit - anything over $1,000.00 you are required by law to register with the police, he decided he didn't have to pay and since he was moving out of the province on Tuesday - the end of the month - I was going to be left holding the bag!!!

I called back and got the answering machine.  I was angry.  I left a cryptic message.  RATS.  I did a google search.  I got his address. I couldn't assess from the google map whether his house had a for sale sign on it - but at least I had an address.  I was going to go up in the morning.

Well surprise, surprise.  His wife called in the morning and suggested that I come and pick up a cheque.  Amazing!  It turns out that they were very lovely people just doing the right thing. I hated myself for all the negative thoughts.  Now I have to get the car fixed so I can drive my 1998 Honda Civic another 14 years.  Here is what $1000.00 looks like.

Honestly have a wonderful day!!


  1. I'm not an insurance expert, however, if he bailed in the end and you at least had a phone number you could still report the incident and claim on your insurance since you're not at fault.

    Any decent skip tracer would easily be able to hunt the culprit down (which they would).

  2. Oh but parking lots are a tricky place............luckily there are still a handful of good souls out there and we all should be hopeful. Great story .....I will tune in again to see whats been developing in your next do make me smile.♥Debi