Monday, August 20, 2012


I know that the song is Monday, Monday, but yesterday - Sunday was awesome - in a spiritual sense it really was a holy day.  First there was the sun - all day and the angels in the sky.....

And then there was nature at her loveliest...Swan Lake, for example....

And then there was the discovery of the park at the base of the Humber river complete with wetlands and walking paths along the lake.

And then I decided that I needed both a bike and a Kayak - an unholy spending of money - because there is a bike trail here which is actually part of a trail that starts somewhere east of Toronto and goes all the way down to Niagara.  You can do it in two days with a stop in Hamilton - OK it isn't Cape Town to Cairo or vice versa - but I may actually be able to do this one!!

Not us - but I wish I could have Kayaked yesterday!! Still we did walk and enjoy this awesome day!!

Have a good one!!

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