Sunday, August 05, 2012

Summer on the Mountain

On and off throughout the last 40 or 50 years Blue Mountain has been a destination for me with friends and/or family. My Grandfather actually owed a "public house" in Grey County before maybe for the last 100 years or so I have had connections to the area.

I learned to ski there in my 20's.  Took the kids there when they were in their teens and today I did a two hour hike through the various ski hills that I have only ever seen covered in snow. It was awesome.

This is the top of the mountain as seen from the north chair lift - which was not working today :) Actually the gondola ride was working and we took it to the top of the mountain and set out to walk a few miles on the Bruce Trail.  Well we got lost - what else is new - and ended up on a mountain biking trail which meandered around the mountain until it surfaced at the run "Happy Valley" for any one who has skied the area.  We then decided to just walk down the mountain from there.

Climbing down is easier than climbing up, but it does use different muscles - ones I haven't obviously used in along time.  Still it was my birthday and I was really happy that I managed the trip at a respectable speed and wasn't at all exhausted at the end - though I may have looked a little like Medusa - it was very hot and humid!!

Here I am looking maybe a little dazed - but still standing. Comino here I come!!

Have an awesome day!!!

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  1. I drove through there yesterday! visiting family and friends in Grey it...♥Debi