Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Summer in the City

The evenings are still very warm.  You can leave the house with sandals, shorts, T-shirt and never have to think about a sweater or a cool breeze causing a chill.  I know this will come soon enough; but I am  a hot weather person, so I need to stock up!! Winter is long and cold.

The city hums in the heat.  The lights seem warmer, brighter.  They pulsate. I took my DSLR with me for the walk about 9:00pm. I hate tripods, so I just took some long exposures  - hand held - OK - shaky hand held.  In the sober light of day this would have been just a car and a bus and another trudge to work - but the camera transports and we are on a different planet - in a different place - at a different time.

I just needed to capture the Jazz playing from a nearby patio to complete the transition. I am working on a series of scarves following the seasons and for summer I needed a picture to illustrate heat.  I may have found it. This will go under the heading "transportation" in the scavenger hunt - carry me away!!

Have a sizzling day!!

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