Thursday, August 02, 2012

More signs of the times....

I couldn't resist this sign, this time.  I have taken this picture before but never had a reason to post it.  Well now I can. I call it "Beer Olympics."  If McDonalds can be the official restaurant of the Olympics, than I can post beer challenges. Don't overlook the small green circle in the distance, it's Steamwhistle!!

This is the second photo in my photography scavenger hunt.  It's for the heading "drink." There are lots of layers here - but I think that the richness is in the "fun." Perhaps it's in the names of the beers, their original country of origin, the Olympics, the flags, the sense of celebration...and well since most beer is either bronze or gold, we're in the right colour range.  So far Canada has done well in water sports - go figure.

Have a celebration day!!

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