Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Less is more...

Three articles in a row on a similar theme usually means that someone is trying to tell me something.   First there was the book review of a new book entitled The Book of Marvels by Lorna Crozier. It's a book of essays on household items - relating them to life. Something like... a bowl can be looked at in 4 ways - it's either empty or full, cracked or whole a bit like a life.  Anyway it's the celebration of small seemingly unimportant things and it got me thinking of the importance of small things like a door knob and how my life doesn't have to be boring if I just try to elevate the ordinary the way the author has.

Then there was the FB post about a photographer in S. Korea who spent two years just photographing life from one window of his house. No longer will I complain about not having a subject to photograph or anyplace interesting to go to take pictures.

Finally there was another article in the newspaper about people living with less.

It got me thinking, especially since I have a "blog-a-day- challenge" starting Sept 1 until Sept 30.  What if I took a photo a day of something very ordinary in my house and wrote a post about it.  Now I would have to make it look a little extraordinary to have it fit the theme - but I may try.

This was dinner Sunday night.  Now it was special.  Really I should have posted a picture of the leftovers eaten on Monday to carry out the theme of trying to make the ordinary extraordinary.

I'll work on it.

Have an extraordinary day!!

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