Thursday, August 23, 2012


OK I have decided that I want one of these T-Shirts.  You can buy them from here -

Well this is just one of his blog posts - but he does do these challenges and you can write to him and maybe he'll send you a T-shirt, if you have done something...well, impossible.

But if you haven't and just want to pretend that you have you can buy one for $20.00.  I am working on the impossible.  I researched e-bikes today - not to ride one all the time and never peddle; but to have a little help with the hills and the longer journeys.  They are expensive and we would need two, plus a bike rack - really racks up the money :)

I also went to the site for the Waterfront Trail, today.  I thought that it started just east of Toronto - but it actually starts at the Quebec border and travels 700km around the lake to Niagara.  I decided to download the pdf for Toronto to Hamilton - it was 7 pages - the bikes may be light - but the maps for the journeys weigh a ton :)

They also have a section called End to Enders - hmmmm - people who have done the trail from one end to the other.  They post their stories - I am surprised that there were so many!!!  Why should I be when there are people walking across the country, the continent or the world - everything is possible.

Have an unbelievable day!!!

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