Friday, August 17, 2012

Destinations Unlimited

I do a lot of photography and a lot of knitting, so I post a lot in these groups, in addition to writing blog posts, which I do for fun or for sanity or to remind myself that there is a lot in this world that doesn't make sense and that's OK as long as I view it for what it's worth and write insanely about it!!!.

I actually got started in all of this with a blogging group which isn't very active at the moment, so I just pop in every once in a while.  Now this blogging group did spin off the photography group, which I love and just recently they have spun off a "get moving group" (exercise people) which I know is important and I will post once I do my exercise - sort of.

Well the same monitor (Cricket Walker) has decided to resurrect the blogging group.  I'm thrilled because I originally got into all of this because I distribute patterns for Heartstrings and Jackie posted once that she was in a "blog- a- day" challenge and maybe I should join.  So I did and here I am and where is Jackie??? (BTW any one can join any of these FB groups - just search Cricket Walker on FB and if you need a recommendation - don't give her my name - just joking - please do)

I have to tell you that most of Infiknit was built on people requesting product which I brought in and which they never ordered but others did so - go figure!! Well this blogging group has given us the challenge of listing 10 destinations that are on our bucket list and why!

Believe me, I am always dreaming of holidays, escapes, going away only to comeback, with an expanded here goes....I might add that I know of a first class travel agent (and knitter) who reads my blog - so if you are in need of an escape - just post a comment and I will forward you on!!

1.  I talk a lot about the Camino.  I would like to walk all, but I will settle for some, of the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain.  The pilgrimage that the film "The Way" was based on. Well, we have to have dreams.

2.  I would like to walk the whole of the Bruce Trail. I have done bits and pieces and I could do it all in bits and pieces - but if I had the luxury of a week or two. I would walk it daily and post!!!

3.  I would also like to bike the whole of Le Petit Train du Nord. The linear park that starts just north of Montreal and follows the train bed up into the Laurentians. I have biked parts of it; but I would love to do the "whole thing."

4.  I like long treks so to go from Florida to Alaska is on the list.

5.  To go from Patagonia to Alaska is also on the list.

6.  I missed going from Earls Court to Kathmandu in a London bus.  However I did go from Ladbrooke Grove to Istanbul in a converted ambulance - does that count.

7.  I would love to bike around Ireland or Holland or some place in between the hills and the dales.

8.  I know that there is a bike trail from Cape Town to Cairo - just keeping that one on the back burner!!

9.  I would like to Kayak the Rideau and Trent canal systems.

10. Finally, if I am still standing, I know of an Artists' community in Morocco, where, if it were easy to get a bottle of wine from time to time, I could live there.

PS - 10a I have friends in NZ and I have promised to visit.  The Milford Sound calls.

This is just a start - and I may die in the attempt!!!  Obviously I love to walk and bike but I also love to dance. Hmmmmmm!!!!

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  1. They all sound like wonderful places! Hoping you get to fullfil these dreams and would love to see pictures! God Bless you in your travels!