Thursday, August 16, 2012

Culture Wars

This is what I posted for "Culture" in the August photography challenge.  I am fascinated by grocery carts and cupboards.  Fortunately my husband does the food shopping or I would have been in jail  long ago for voyeurism.

That being said, I would never open another person's cupboard or medicine cabinet without permission.  I was shocked one day years ago when I read an article in the paper about people who actually peep into people's medicine cabinets during a bathroom visit - see, there are people stranger than me (I) out there :)

I love it though, if I visit, and someone says, "Can you hand me the Lea Perrins.  It's in the cupboard."  Then I get a chance to say, "What do you use your mustard seeds for?" or "Where do you get Fenugreek?"or "What's this???"

Of course I made a mistake by taking a picture of my cupboard. Now I am riddled with guilt that I have all these half empty baby food jars of whole cardamon seeds, cinnamon sticks, star anise.....the list goes on. When the kids were little my escape was Indian or Asian cooking.  I would take cookbooks out of the library, make a list, pile the kids in the car and head out to the Danforth or Gerrard St. East for supplies. Everything got stored in baby food jars - well my youngest is 19.  Time to tidy up!!!

Maybe also time to do a little spicing up of dinner - we're down to pasta 3 times a week, a little Indian from a jar and a stir fry only under pressure - all that cutting up of "things" takes its toll.

Have a delicious day!!!

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