Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Catch 22 sies.....

Today was one of those "insane days" where nothing made sense and I had to wonder how we, as a world, had come so far only to have learned so little, or perhaps the world is in retrograde... let me explain.

1. My daughter has finally been admitted to the teacher training course at Lakehead University in Thunder bay - many administrative hoops there - largely because she applied early and her transcripts didn't include a copy of her actual physical degree.  She is a neophyte to administrivia and tried to ignore it - not a good idea.  We are old hands at it, having gone through the paperwork of adopting her and her two brothers - the rule here is just give the "man" what he needs even if every government department has a different set of rules and none of them agree and we all understand that they are working for the same country....maybe!!

2. She now needs a TB test.  No problem.  I understand the importance of this type of screening.  Anyway she doesn't actually have to have it until her first teaching assignment.  OK so what if she tests positive and she has been in college for two months and possibly infected every other student teacher there and they in turn are going out into school systems to ...well you can see how it works.

Fortunately she has decided to get the test over with early - somewhat better organized than said administration!!  Hence I was delegated to book the test.  Her paediatrician - even though she has technically "outgrown her" would do it - but she may or may not have a late clinic this Monday and then again on Wednesday (TB testing is a two step process). I have to call on Monday to find out - OK is there an easier way.

I called the drop-in clinic - they play a game called "please wait" and put you on hold and never answer.  I decided to walk over.  Yes they did the test, if she were a student, however if it were for employment you had to go to another clinic.  Hey I can visit Europe I don't have to live there!!!! OHIP doesn't pay - so that would be $65.00 for step one and she wasn't sure how much for step 2.  Fortunately the young woman in line behind me said that it was $65.00 for the complete test - she had done one last year..... What is it that Blanche said - I often rely on the kindness of strangers....or something like that.

Moving on... the clinic accepted drop ins until 6:15, if there were 2 doctors on.  If there were just one doctor on, they stopped drop-ins at 3:30.  There was no way of learning in advance how many doctors were "on."  We just show up and hope for the best!!  My daughter works as a camp director and gets home at 6:15 - another crap shoot!!

Now even if two doctors are there and she arrives before 6:15, she still has to prove that she is a student to actually get the TB test done there.  Technically, she is no longer enrolled at Dalhousie and although she has been accepted at Lakehead, there is no student card yet - now if they required the TB test before admission - there would really be a "where do I go from here..duh situation!!  I am hoping that the heavens align and we can move forward on this!!!

3. Also in the "I can't believe I am hearing this" category, I had this conversation with UPS.  They called to say that I have a shipment coming from California.  They gave the address - it was totally wrong.  I told them that.  They said please call this number and give this code and re-direct the shipment.

UPS must have been bought by an alien conglomerate because I could not have the shipment re-directed.  They had to make 3 attempts at delivery to an address that doesn't exist and then I could request a redirection.  I offered to have the shipper call and have it re-directed - sorry, no go.

I called the shipper.  She said have them return the shipment to California and she would make a case against UPS with her boss - good luck.  I also have a return authorization for merchandise that I hadn't ordered, but was shipped - no one from UPS has appeared to pick it up because I am sure that they are working on the erroneous address.

It's not the world according to Garp - that would be easy - it's sane people following insane directions and we are all to smile and agree - the real catch 22 was that if you tried to get out of the war (read life) on the basis of insanity - you couldn't because they would deem you sane because you wanted to survive. So therefore everyone that stayed in the war (followed these crazy rules) was really insane because they didn't have the sense to try and get out!!!

Go figure

Have a sane day!!  or post any insanities - we are all in this together!!

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