Thursday, August 30, 2012

August is a wicked month....

I don't usually read fiction but I read, years ago, Edna O'Brien's "August is a Wicked Month." As fiction goes, it was interesting and given that I read it while waiting in line to see exhibits at Expo '67, it was time well spent.

However, this August I think must take the "cup" for being one of the more wicked.  Well, first of all it has 2 full moons - you know how crazy that can be! Now the second moon in a month is a Blue Moon and therefore August 31 will be totally "mad."

Here it is - not quite full and not quite blue; but still magnetic!!

Secondly there were the marquis - those billboards that summarize what is happening in the world, or at least the cinemas at any given moment.  I hope that these are not self fulfilling prophecies.

I live in one of the few areas that still has not one but two movie theatres with in about 2 or 3 blocks of each other.  This is what the other one said at the beginning of August.

What can I say - we may be surrounded - escape is futile - probably wise to just give in and hope that the winds change or at least the movies - Art imitating life or life creating Art.

Have  a wonderful Blue Moon!!!

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