Saturday, August 04, 2012

A little night magic....

One of the nice things about being a little removed from this earth is that you can identify with the unusual and the paranormal.  Maybe this is why I like this picture.

The photo is for the heading "shapes" in the latest scavenger hunt. One of these shapes is the moon.  Now anyone who has worked in a psychiatric ward knows the havoc wrecked by the full moon.

What is it about darkness and a mysterious light?  I'm not sure - but night, the absence of light or the application of a single light re-arranges "things." And what we see as normal during the day becomes almost paranormal at night.

Maybe this is why we find magic in candles - often the only light of seances or campfires the setting of many a ghost story or full moons that draw us like a moth to a flame.

Are we more creative at these times? Do we bring a little of this "otherworldliness" into our regular world? we reach another plane?

Have an out of this world day!!

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  1. I work in a public library. I can sau definitely that the full moon affects people!