Friday, July 06, 2012

A Vegetable Story

OK, I'm glad that you clicked on to read some more - because what could be more boring than vegetables - unless they are maybe the murder weapon and then everyone would say..."who would have thought..."

My second daily challenge was to cut up a load of vegetables and leave them "front and centre in the fridge" to snack on.  Well I did join this site to "improve." And yes, I don't often have healthy vegetables ready to eat in my fridge - I 'm sure I did at one time and then everyone, including the vegetables - wilted of boredom!

So I thought well, maybe I would pop past the green grocer on the way to getting my coffee fix for the day and see what they had.  This didn't happen because it was 90 F and I had brought my lunch and all I needed was water!  I did not go outside!!

Now I had a litany of excuses for the challenge.  1. This was just a new web group 2. Who did I know there and 3. Why was I interested anyway?  What I really meant to say was I was having trouble making raw vegetables interesting!!!!

I ignored the issue and buried myself in housework, when I came home from work - this is serious.  I started a cryptic crossword puzzle - could take a while and then low and behold - my husband came home with fresh carrots and celery!!

Actually, we had planned on trying out a new recipe for mussels - curried, and the broth needed carrots, celery and scallions. He has bailed me out again!!!   I could now, not only do the mussels, I could also complete the challenge.

I peeled all the carrots, cut up some of the celery and added a cucumber that was already in the fridge.  I then added a scallion or two and some sliced peppers. Well, I didn't even have to put them in the fridge, because the 19 year-old came down and said - thanks -  he would eat the whole thing before dinner...and did!

Now I have to live with the guilt, that maybe I should have been doing this all along and what a horrible mother I am, because I let the "veg" side down.... damned if you do and damned if you don't.

I'm not sure if they have challenges on weekends - but I hope that they have one soon that deals with guilt.  I guess that I could always eat celery sticks for penance.

Have a fruitful day.

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  1. Weekends OFF! ♥Debi psss cook your mussels in beer...ox