Friday, July 13, 2012

Trinidad and Tobago....

I will get back to the Found Poetry of Knitting Stitches shortly.  I just need a few more pictures.  The Inverted Gull Stitch, for example, is posing a bit of a problem - not to mention Odin's eagles.  I will also do an update on my daily challenges - just have to catch up on a few - like the one about cleaning out my wallet, which will extend to my purse, because the wallet, being mostly empty, is usual in order - it's the purse that's a mess.

The evenings have been so warm too, that I haven't been doing much knitting.  Instead we've been going for walks around the neighbourhood.  I know, to be cool, I should have said "hood," but sometimes cool is not alway saying what everyone else thinks is cool - that's my excuse anyway.

Last night we went to see the street piano that's in our neck of the woods.  It's at the SE corner of Yonge and Eglinton and it represents Trinidad and Tobago.  It was Street Theatre - people milling around, cars, trucks and buses roaring by, entertainers, in various stages of sobriety, encouraging one another and one lone camera woman :) Here it is...

Blogs are so much more than just diaries, because they can include so much more...then again in diaries your words had to make the events come to life - something lost and something gained.

Well, I think that we have really gained something with these street pianos - world status for one thing.  Here is the link to other street pianos around the globe. If you check out the Toronto link. I posted this video there.

Have a randomly musical day!!

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